Dưới đây là những mẫu mã câu bao gồm chứa từ bỏ "hindrance|hindrances", trong bộ từ điển tự điển giờ đồng hồ Anh. Bạn có thể tham khảo phần nhiều mẫu câu này để đặt câu trong trường hợp cần để câu với từ bỏ hindrance|hindrances, hoặc tham khảo ngữ cảnh thực hiện từ hindrance|hindrances trong bộ từ điển từ bỏ điển giờ Anh

1. He described the sanctions as hindrances , hurting development in Zimbabwe .

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2. Pistols might be secondary, even a hindrance.

3. edingsport.netsitors are allowed to lớn wander without hindrance.

4. Tachyons pass trough untreated aluminum plates without hindrance.

5. They boarded their flight lớn Paris without hindrance.

6. Không tính tiền to investigate without let or hindrance.

7. 23 edingsport.netsitors are allowed khổng lồ wander without hindrance.

8. She was more of a hindrance than a help.

9. We must admit the hindrances and support the women not throw cold water on them.

10. Travelers can move through the country without hindrance.

11. Now they can construct tunnel systems without hindrance.

12. 3 Travelers can move through the country without hindrance.

13. The floods have been a major hindrance to relief efforts.

14. 5) Therefore dumps some hindrance artistic creation the thing.

15. They were able khổng lồ complete their journey without further hindrance.

16. Haedingsport.netng a oto in the thành phố might prove a hindrance.

17. The new regulations are actually a great hindrance to teachers.

18. The servants were more of a hindrance than a help .

19. The high price is a major hindrance lớn potential buyers.

20. I"ve never considered my disability a hindrance, but other people have.

21. The willingness to thin the office staff without let or hindrance.

22. The stereoselectiedingsport.netty was improved by increasing steric hindrance of the reactions.

23. The passport opened frontiers khổng lồ the traveller without let or hindrance.

24. The dispersing ability of SSHE as cement dispersant also came from steric hindrance effect & long side chain contributed to lớn steric hindrance in a certain degree.

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25. America"s vị trí cao nhất golfers played well despite the hindrance of early morning mist.