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Because of increased use of fertiliser, improved seeds and crop protection measures, crop yields have increased - sometimes greatly.
Cooperating teachers & university supervising teachers" communication with student teachers can be improved.
Also, while the unique of machine-generated text is improving all the time, it is not yet as good as human-written text.
Accordingly, they extol the virtues of a monarch who, although autocratic, was also enlightened & improved the lot of his people.
Geographical variation in the timing of improved food supply may therefore explain variation in such conditions today.
The efficiency of the procedures can be improved by changes lớn the implementations of the combinators only.
Other potential objectives-such as reduction of environmental impacts or improving the cost-effectiveness of regulations-have been under-emphasized or not attained.
We found that all subjects improved to lớn a certain degree, although large individual differences were observed.
In both experiments prior bimodal presentation improved recognition memory for spoken words & nonwords compared to single modality presentation.
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the idea that people who care only about themselves will be most likely to lớn succeed in a society or organization

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